The innovative GOGETAIR line of aircraft has been designed with a passionate pilot in mind. In order to achieve the best possible comfort for the pilot, who can during a route flight with GOGETAIR aircraft stay in the air for the total of up to 9 hours, the aircraft is equipped with adjustable rudder pedals as well as with adjustable seats and 3 different foam density of seat cushioning for maximum comfort. All this gives to any pilot between 163 and 202cm in height the feeling of home comfort.

The plane also offers a lot of room for the front fellow passenger. The back seat can be used as baggage space or you can also take 2 children op to 45 kg each and not more than 150cm. In case the plane is to carry four people, some of the baggage can still be stored in the small baggage space behind the back seat.

You can find  more detailed information on dimensions of GOGETAIR aircraft in the table on the right.

G600 UL/LSAG750 Turbo
Length23.4 ft7,13 m23.4 ft7,13 m
Height6.9 ft2,1 m6.9 ft2,1 m
Wingspan31.8 ft9,69 m31.8 ft9,69 m
Cabin Length88.6 in225 cm88.6 in225 cm
Cabin Width (inside)48,4 (47,6) in123 (121) cm48,4 (47,6) in123 (121) cm
Cabin Height46 in117 cm46 in117 cm
Design Weights and Loading*
Maximum Gross Weight1322 lbs600 kg (limited by category)1653 lbs750 kg
Standard Empty Weight870 lbs395 kg915 lbs415 kg
Useful Load451 lbs205 kg738 lbs335 kg
Usable Fuel Capacity36,5gal138 l 36,5gal138 l
* Actual Useful Loads and individual aircraft weights will vary depending on options installed on aircraft.
   Always consult specific aircraft weight and balance data for flight planning.


G600 UL/LSAG750T (2+2)
Takeoff787 ft240 m492 ft150 m
Takeoff Over 50 ft Object1148 ft350 m607 ft185 m
Climb Rate1000 ft/min5 m/sec1500 ft/min7,5 m/sec
Max Operating Altitude13.500 ft4.100 m14.760 ft4500 m
Stall Speed with Flaps35 KCAS65 km/h37 KCAS69 km/h
Vne152 KTAS282 km/h152 KTAS282 km/h
Max Cruise Speed138 KTAS256 km/h138 KTAS256 km/h
Best power Cruise Speed125 KTAS231 km/h129 KTAS239 km/h
Best economy Cruise Speed 23,5 MAP R912ULS, 29,5MAP R914120 KTAS222 km/h126 KTAS234 km/h
Cruise Range with Reserve (65% PWR)1100 nm2037 km900 nm1667 km
Landing Ground Roll410 ft125 m460 ft140 m
Landing Over 50 ft Object1150 ft350 m1150 ft350 m
Model912ULS914 Turbo
* Actual Useful Loads and individual aircraft weights will vary depending on options installed on aircraft.
   Always consult specific aircraft weight and balance data for flight planning.
** LSA/UL Performance based on ONE prototype operating on gross weight of 600 kg. 914 Performance was measured with sn. 003 and 004 aircraft in 500h of operation. Actual performance will vary depending on options installed on aircraft.

Our passionate pilots who have designed GOGETAIR aircraft, wanted this beauty to be fitted with the best technology available to the aircrafts in its class. The Rotax 914 turbo engine enables take-off in less than 200 metres and climb rate of 1500 ft/min.

GOGETAIR is not only fast, but also economical plane. At the optimum flight speed, i.e. 125 KTAS,  it will use only about 16 litres of fuel an hour.  In the best conditions a full tank (135 litres) will  keep you airborne for 9+ hours and make for a potential range of over 1,100 nautical miles or 2,000 km.


You can find more detailed information about the capabilities of GOGETAIR aircraft in the table on the left.



GOGETAIR is designed to be the ultimately safe, attractive, affordable and top performing small aircraft.  The idea to design GOGETAIR started from personal requirements, which during the process  grew into an ambition to set new standards in light aircraft design and use.

Its roots, construction and design solutions were chosen on the back to basic conditions with the following features that were fundamental to the design:

  • Extreme safety of passengers,
  • intelligent construction design,
  • comfortable and quiet interior,
  • top class performance,
  • high-end avionic equipment,
  • splendid visibility,
  • and excellent flying characteristics, that will provide our user with ultimate sense of satisfaction and freedom yet will still be affordable to both acquire and to operate.


Even in  its basic configuration, GOGETAIR is equipped with a lot of safety features, such as:

  • airframe parachute
  • 3D passenger compartment roll safety cage
  • doors designed to be opened in case of a roll-over
  • full Kevlar cabin interior for protection from object penetration
  • “single-spar” design – both spars overlap and are bolted together to the fuselage, adding to construction stiffness and safety
  • FEM designed and tested cabin construction with car-style crash resistance
  • 4 mm certified glass front windshield for bird and other object penetration protection
  • intelligent engine management (when throttle is applied, you touch choke, parking brake and carb heat if they are applied – ON)
  • Panel retracts in case of crash
  • three hinges on every moving surface – four on the flap
  • glide ratio of 17.5 for lower fuel consumption and higher safety in case of engine failure
  • adjustable seat and pedals
  • grouped switches with clearly recognizable positions
  • integrated emergency release out of the way, easily accessible
  • warning lights in best eye scan position between inside and out
  • glove compartment to store POH, camera or additional charts behind (optional) iPad mount
  • side-sticks (optional in experimental version), centre-stick standard
One©Jean-Marie Urlacher
One©Jean-Marie Urlacher


When designing GOGETAIR, our engineers drew upon themselves. Passionate and experienced pilots as they are, they have used their own know-how to create a comfortable and attractive aircraft,  which tops the wish-list of every pilot.  The basic criteria behind the design of GOGETAIR is envisioned in innovation, creativity and passion. And we dedicated a lot of thought to safety.

GOGETAIR isn’t only good looking and comfortable,  it is also powerful  and economical.  Take-off and landing require less than 200 metres of runway. It climbs to 1500 ft/minute and a 142-litre tank will enable you to cover more than 2,000 km in optimum conditions.


Attractive exterior of the aircraft, which was designed by Max Piucci, complements the beautiful and functional interior with attention to details:

  • spacious and very well soundproofed cabin,
  • comfortable and adjustable ergonomically designed seats,
  • adjustable pedals,
  • instrument panel similar to the car’s dashboard, with very intuitively arranged switches and other controls,
  • plenty of luggage space.


Our engineers have aspired for GOGETAIR to be  the best aifcraft in its category. After many years of designing and testing, they have managed to build a perfect light aircraft GOGETAIR. Once you test it out for yourself, you will discover it is perfect for you, too, as you can have it tailored to give you serious thrill and enjoyment out of flying. It will provide ultimate pleasure for the lone pilots who prefer to fly solo, as well as those who wish to share their passion with the ones closest to them.

As GOGETAIR meets the highest standards of quality, it will make your journeys even more comfortable.


GOGETAIR aircraft is suitable for pilots who fly solo. You can choose between ONE with the centre or side control sticks. Pedals and ergonomically designed seats can be adjusted for your maximum comfort  in a spacious cabin and there is enough space to store all the luggage for a long trip away. You’ll also have plenty of room for a quiet read of maps while autopilot safely leads you through the sky.


GOGETAIR aircraft is the perfect choice for couples. It is ideal for retired pilots,  who can continue to enjoy their passion with GOGETAIR. Instead of buying a campervan on wheels, you can enjoy a motorhome in the air and fly your friends or  loved one off to new adventures. There should be enough space for all your luggage and perhaps you can take along your grandchild or even your pet.


GOGETAIR aircraft is loved by pilots who like to keep company. In addition to the passenger sitting next to you, you can also put your off-spring in the back seat. With the help of ISOFIX system even your youngest one sleeping in a car seat can go along. In spite of the passenger, you can still store some luggage in the luggage space behing the rear seat.


GOGETAIR aircraft is a smart choice also for learning to fly at flight training schools, as this little aircraft possesses everything that its larger counterparts have. The pilots who will be trained on this plane will not have any problems with the transition to a more powerful or more complex aircraft.


If you expect to use GOGETAIR for more than just flying local, you might need a large luggage compartment with clever ways (i.e. folding backrests) to store golf bags or skis, suit cases for travelling or even to pick up the whole family (see above). GOGETAIR also features a smaller cargo compartment that is separate from the cabin and accessible from the outside (also above, under the S5-MAO registration marks) where the aircraft fluids are located, (oil, cleaning material, drain, aircraft cover, etc., ). 8+ hours of fuel are carried on board, which is great if there is no fuel at the destination or only expensive AVGAS is available.

Professionally designed cabin features also an ergonomic armrest, supporting the hand in a relaxed position (supported not in front of the abdomen, but angled a little bit forward on the side). Such armrest position gives enough space for effortless movement of the hand and enables a good view of the instruments and ease of use of an i-Pad or kneeboard. Most of ONE aircraft will also be equipped with the affordable Dynon autopilot.

GOGETAIR ‘s cabin is available in 2 or 2+2 options (with the back 2 passengers limited to kids) – a practical family airplane.
GOGETAIR in 1+1 configuration provides plenty of space to even carry a folding bike – a practical and free way to move around when not flying.
Seats in GOGETAIR are comfortable, classy, lightweight and offer good support and provide comfort also on longer cross-country flights.
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