Certified ULA aircraft is expected to enter the EUROPEAN market at the end of 2021 and you can already book your very own. Certified GOGETAIR will be available as a ULA with  MTOW 600 kg and 2 seats.
In New Zealand and Australia you can buy certified LSA aircraft from 2020 on.


You can purchase non-certified ONE entitled Factory built experimental. Such aircraft registration options differ from one country to another.
We sell aircraft in Europe and from 2019 to Australia and New Zealand with plan to enter US market in 2021.
All aircraft ever produced will have the allowance to MTOW 750kg even if local legislation does not allow this weight today.
We will support this with papers for future legislation changes – MTOW upgrades.
So, structural (spars, skins, LG, etc) structure is no different for LSA version. Lighter AC will have better climb, slightly lower stall.

Register your aircraft in Slovenia.

Here at GOGETAIR d.o.o. we can help you register your aircraft in Slovenia. Registration can be done by a natural or a legal person. The aircraft will be registered in the Slovenian aircraft registry. With it you will be able to travel smoothly throughout Europe and beyond.

How to keep GOGETAIR airworthy?

You have to take out liability insurance for you GOGETAIR, and  Slovenian CAA inspector must examine the plane and its documentation once a year. The inspection can be done in Slovenia and a national inspector may also come to you. In this case you’ll also need to cover his travel costs in addition to the inspection, but on the flip side, you will not be required to fly to Slovenia once a year. We leave the decision up to you.

Should you need any help with managing your documentation or any other advice, our experts will be happy to help. Contact us.


GOGETAIR Aircraft dealers are members of our team. They are working closely with us, being friends as well as business associates. Together, we are helping our customers experience the most with gogetair aircraft, and we also provide pre-sales and after-sales support and develop the market.

For more information about THE aircraft contact one of the following dealers, according to territory:

Austria and Germany

  • Dr. Michael Schuhbeck
  • +49 170 203 83 88


  • Alessio Bartoloni
  • +39 333 692 69 25


  • Bernard Matosevic
  • +41 41 928 15 15

New Zealand and Australia

  • Anton Meier
  • +64 21 289 5999


  • Wojciech Kos
  • +48 530 892 420

Other territories / distribution

  • Iztok Šalamon
  • +386 41 669 766


Despite the fact that we are utterly confident in perfection and excellency of our GOGETAIR aircraft  which will delight even more passionate pilots, we are aware that many of you may want to test GOGETAIR before your purchase. If you are considering to join the owners of non-certified GOGETAIR or whether you’d like to book a certified version, please feel free to contact us. We’ll arrange for when and where you’ll set off on a test flight.

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