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The ultimate safe, affordable, attractive and top performing sport-family aircraft with option for 2+2 seating configuration and MTOW 750 kg in Experimental category or 2 seats in LSA & ULA 600kg.

New distributor for Poland

Wojciech Kos, head of mountain flying school in Žar has been appointed our representative in Poland. You can reach him on:
WK Aircraft Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Widokowa 8
34-312 Międzybrodzie Zywieckie.
+48 530 892 420

New philosophy


The innovative GOGETAIR aircraft has been designed with a passionate pilot in mind, who seeks to take advantage of any favourable weather forecast for a randez-vous with birds.

Fast & economical


GOGETAIR is not only  fast, but also economical plane.  At the optimum flight speed, i.e. 125 KTAS,  it will use only about 15 litres of fuel an hour.  In the best conditions a full tank (135 litres) will  keep you airborne for 9+ hours and make for a potential range of over 1,100 nautical miles or 2,000 km.

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Looking Great

Finish with attention to details on every part of the aircraft, beautiful interior with leather and alcantara upholstery, modern livery design, your very GOGETAIR aircraft will surely catch the eye on every airport.

Cool to own

Streamlined, simple, yet technically advanced, GOGETAIR looks  cool at the first glance and proves all that by performing great in the air.

Top Performance

GOGETAIR is designed to be the ultimately safe, attractive, affordable and top performing small aircraft. It sets new standards in light aircraft design and use.

Practical and safe

Suitable for solo pilots and the ones who like to keep company, the perfect choice for couples with young shildren and a smart choice for learning to fly at flight training schools.

GOGETAIR for you

Our engineers have aspired for GOGETAIR to be  the best aircraft in its category.

After many years of designing and testing, they have managed to build a perfect light aircraft GOGETAIR. Once you test it out for yourself, you will discover it is perfect for you, too, as you can have it tailored to give you serious thrill and enjoyment out of flying. It will provide ultimate pleasure for the lone pilots who prefer to fly solo, as well as those who wish to share their passion with the ones closest to them.

As GOGETAIR meets the highest standards of quality, it will make your journeys even more comfortable.



Cruise speed (75% PWR)


Climb rate


Useful load


Range with reserve (65% PWR)

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